General Bike Maintenance Tips

Repair Master

Just like your body, your bike also requires the similar level of care so that it can deliver you the required service efficiently and in a comfortable manner. A proper care also prolongs your bike life as well as save your money. Here are the seven tips which keep your bike well maintained, and the tips are:

1. Your Bike Should be Clean: Regular cleaning of the bike is far easier to maintain. A bucket of soapy water and a sponge is sufficient for cleaning and use degreaser for the chain. After the wash, dry the bike then apply a light lubricant to the gears and chain before cleaning off with a cloth. Doing this will raise the life of your bike parts and also save your precious time and money.

2. Checklist for Tyres:
It should be in part of the ritual that you should check your tyre before each ride. Make sure that it should not overly damage it may cause puncture and make your ride uneasy. It is surprising for you that most of the time what your tyres will pick up, generally when the roads are wet. Also, make sure that they are pumped up to a good pressure (90-100psi is ideal).

3. Brakes and Blocks:
Always make sure your bike’s break blocks are not damaged and it should stop your bike whenever you apply. You will feel “grittiness” when your brake block is damaged and you will hear a scratchy sound whenever you apply the brake. You should resolve this issue by contacting an eminent bike service station.

4. Gears:
Gear is usually underestimated and can promptly become prey to a solid build-up of oily dirt as well as an irritating noise. So keep the jockey wheels moving smoothly by washing them and using lubricant once in a while and also check before every ride that they accurately shift across all of the gear ratios.

5. Cables:
Checking bike’s cables is not something that needs to be done every ride but it is necessary to check in few months according to use. All you have to do is, remove the cables from the housing and inspect for damaged cables or corrosion. If all is good, then employ a slight lubricant or grease to the cables with a cloth before putting back in the cable housing.

6. Wheels Check:
Make sure both are accurate by rotating them whilst on the bike. They should not hook on the brakes or wobble laterally. Also, smoothly compress the spokes using your hand, tensing them against each other to verify that none are loose. It is recommended to take your bike at trusted bike repair shop for wheel alignment.

7. Noisy Chain:
it is irritating to everyone when your bike makes squeaking and noisy sound due to friction in the chain. To avoid such kind of irritating sound, put on some lubricant and wipe of the excess lubricant.

If you don’t have that much time to look after your bike in such details, then contact a leading bike repair shop Like Repair Master in Indore because they have the team of the proficient mechanic.