Tips to Properly Wash Your Bike

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The way you look after your motorcycle shows how much you love and care it. You should make sure that keep your ride neat and clean every time you are out for a ride. You might consider washing your motorcycle is an easy process but there are quite a few do’s and don’ts that you must follow to guarantee the maximum safety of your bike and yourself.


The first and principal thing when it comes to washing your bike is to let it cool down if you have just come from a ride. Do not hurry into washing it if the engine is still warm. Cool down the engine for at least 15 or 20 minutes before moving ahead with the wash.


Clean the motorcycle properly with neat water to make sure to rinse all the mud and dirt from the inner parts because if you cleanse a dirt-filled cloth/sponge on the motorcycle, be ready to see scratches on it.

Firstly, fill the first bucket with gentle detergent or bike wash shampoo in it while the other bucket should be filled with clean water. Dip the sponge or cleaning cloth in the first bucket and clean the bike with it, then clean the cloth in the second bucket with clean water that will eliminate all the dirt from the cloth into the water, and then repeat the process until every part of the bike is clean.


Do not let the shampoo to get dry on the bike and wash it quickly as soon as you are done. Also, avoid using high-pressure water jet because it may wreck the electricals on the bike.


After showering the bike with water and cleaning the shampoo off the bike, make sure to rub all the body parts with a dry microfiber cloth. The cloth will sop up all the water and hence there will be no watermarks left.


When the bike is dry, you can give the final touch by using a dry wax polish to make the bike maintains the lustrous shine as if it is new. The dry wax also assists by adding a thin protecting layer of wax on the bike parts.

Apply the slightest layer of wax evenly using a sponge normally given inside the polish box. You will require another clean cloth to spread the polish over the bike surface. Then use a dry cloth to rub the polish gently until the shine comes.

You can also use polish sprays as they are a bit more convenient compared to wax polish creams.


Last but not the least, lubricate the motorcycle chain set after the wash as this ensures a long life of the chain.

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